Your Best Shot of 2009: The Results

Your Best Shot of 2009: The Results

Written 9 years ago by Lee

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Eddie  9 years ago

I love the pear, the pigs and the slide. But all of these have great strengths – a great collection. Thank you for sharing!

Tug  9 years ago

Thank you for this opportunity!

I love the pear as well…very nice…the water under the bridge, the sunset. Quite the collection! ;-)

christina  9 years ago

I like the lightening, baseball and the church doors (doors the most).

BlueRose  9 years ago

I liked the kids playing in the fountain – possibly one of those “you had to be there’ moments and lovely in B&W

I also liked the bird (gull?) with the fish – I am just a beginner at bird photography and I know just *how hard* these kind of shots are to get :)

drec  9 years ago

Thank you for including my Lightning Shot on this list, really appreciated. There’s some cool works here, something to think about for 2010 and ways I can learn/improve and grow with Photography.
All the best for 2010. Looking forward to it.

Tim Russell  9 years ago

Wow thanks for including my pic of Ta Phrom! Still getting to grips with my first DSLR after only a few months so very encouraging to have one of my shots shortlisted. Cheers!

Steve Creek  9 years ago

Thanks for including my Gull photo! BlueRose I’m glad you like it.

martin  9 years ago

the spiral staircase is fantastic. great site – many brilliant photos

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