Why Do You Photograph?

Why Do You Photograph?

Written 13 years ago by Lee

Our young blog turns just 3 months old this coming weekend and we already have a growing number of loyal readers, but we know very little about each other so today I want to throw a question out there to help us get to know you better.

If you are a regular visitor, you obviously have some interest in photography and more than likely come here with the hope of improving your own photography, whether it be through the tutorials or by seeking inspiration from the showcase galleries. What I would like to know is why do you photograph? Maybe you just enjoy capturing something you would usually only see for a moment, or do you hope to turn your hobby into a business and create a living for yourself?

Please post your answer using the comment form below. Even if this is your first visit or you have never commented before, we want to hear from you. I will get the ball rolling:

Me Photographing Monkey

Firstly, I am no professional when it comes to photography and up until just over a year ago, I had never used anything other than your standard point and shoot camera. I now shoot with a Canon EOS 350D. Why? I always looked at other people’s stunning photographs and thought to myself, I’d like to be able to do that! I was bored with my own bland looking images that had no character whatsoever and was inspired by clear portraits with blurred backgrounds and landscape shots with that fantasy feel about them. I knew photography was never going to be a career for me and will always be nothing more than a hobby, so the entry level camera is the perfect choice. So now that I know the basics and have moved on from being your everyday guy with a point and shoot, why do I photograph? I love seeing moments being captured in a way that you don’t really see with your own eyes, and the fact that I can take a photograph of the English countryside, then come back to it later and actually make it look sunny in Photoshop! That is why I photograph.

Now that you know me a little better, it’s your turn. Mark will also post his answer in the comments below so look out for that. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to read your replies soon.

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Abhilash  13 years ago

I have always photographed. Since the time my dad thought that I was old enough to handle the family camera and now when I had enough money to go and buy the A300.
I photograph to be able to awe myself. I like taking a picture and going “That is so cool!” It means more to me to be able to surprise myself with my gadgets.

Jmhenhsaw  13 years ago

I photograph because I am addicted to the feeling you get right after you know you got a great shot! Like the one where the kids will not stop moving, but you get it anyway. Making it even better in photoshop goes a long way, too.

Jane Weston  13 years ago

My interest in photography really came about when I started a blog and read other blogs which had fantastic pictures. I wanted beautiful pictures on my blog, so to start, I read the manual for my point and shoot. Since then I’ve moved on and I now have a DSLR which I’m trying to “master”. Every day I try something new that I’ve maybe seen or read about. I’ve read everything I can to try and understand the science behind balanced pictures and I’ve looked at hundreds of pictures to try and understand the “art” behind great photography too.

John L. Reed  13 years ago

I photograph because I want to see the world and its people as they really are. For one brief moment, I have the chance to capture the essence of the world in a landscape shot, or glimpse the soul of a fellow human being in a portrait. I want to share these frozen-in-time accounts with the rest of the world, and though I know it’s a long shot, I would welcome the opportunity to earn my living doing just this.

Mark Evans  13 years ago

Wow, great response so far… I’d have to say for me it really is the feeling of accomplishment I get from capturing something that makes me think ‘Wow, I can’t believe I shot that!’. I’m so used to looking up to people like Peter Lik, David Noton and the like, and striving for that quality that makes a fantastic shot, so when I manage to come up with something I think is comparable, it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something and makes all the effort worthwhile.

Zaiah  13 years ago

First time here. And I’m sure I will be back. Why do I shoot? I love looking at people and wondering where their life has taken them, what they are thinking or what they had for breakfast. I have a certain voyeurism about me. So they camera makes it socially acceptable. A little girl told me once “…take a picture it’ll last longer!” then she stuck out her tongue. I did.

keruchan  13 years ago

I photograph to collect informations thats as far I use my cellphone, no one can find a picture of me nor my friends inside my cellphone, there is only fastfood menu, fastfood door (which there is an info about the time they were close or open), my parking place (if ever I forgot where I parked), prices, warnings, someones gates and a lot more. haha

my friends always ask me before we eat, we don’t stand infront of a fastfood and decide what to eat, we seat and check my cellphone for menus.

Barry  13 years ago

I take photos as I always strive to improve my photography. I also see things every day that make me want to capture them and share them with others. I also use it as an excuse to get out and do something rather than watching TV or XBOXing!

loswl  13 years ago

I love to photograph nature and use it in some of my designs, something I want to implement more in my work, cool to get a capture and say WOW!!..that looks good :o)

Steven  13 years ago

I started to paint and realised I wasn’t good enough. Photography was the best way for me to visualize the world through my eyes.

Eric  13 years ago

A picture paints a thousand words and taking great photographs proves that point. I photograph because it is like capturing a moment in time you know you will never be able to go back to. And capturing great photos of those moments in time gives me a feeling of fulfillment.

Anonymous  13 years ago

The camera lens makes me see things differently. I like the different perspective.

Montezoraida  13 years ago

I want to re-create the beauty that I see, and the emotional response I feel in viewing other people’s work in my own attempt at photography. It is a highly creative art form that draws me to it’s challenges. I also see photography as a developed skill achievable by those who work at it and not a gift given to a select few by nature. It’s wholesome and rewarding… and digital photography is the greatest thing since Rock and Roll.

z-vet  13 years ago

I’ve got my first camera at the age of 7 and since then photography became my all-time hobby. I love my photo gear and i love to show people my vision of the beautiful world around me. It’s something i just need to do to feel good and I do believe it makes people seeing my photos feel better. By the same time photography is a great way to learn new stuff and connect with other interesting people around the world.

J Bryner  13 years ago

I photograph because I have to.

I blame my family for telling me I could never make a living doing it. They should have known better than to tell a 17 year old something like that. I’m 40 now, and have been doing it since they told me I couldn’t.

I feel like I’m missing out on something if I don’t get out with the camera every so often. Even if I’m bogged with commercial work, I have to get out and “play” a bit.

Albert  13 years ago

I love photography… to me its art…but I am doing it because of the love of photos…

I’d like to work on it to be a pro and do it as a side job…. infact, I am considering it my retirement job….

ace  13 years ago

Sailor…yeah..that’s me…
Been out sailing the seven seas since 1983…
I bought a Canon A1 when i boarded my first ship…

But it was too expensive, right! ..the film!
I stopped for soooo many years until my passion was awakened…

Now that the digital age has come..all i have to worry about is getting a good camera…

so i can share my story…

sarmavvs  13 years ago

I do photograph as a passion and love

I learnt the basics 35 years back.Did not continue since then. Now from one year , I have taken it as a serious hobby being inspired by the inherent love and affinity to the great art. Presently going to places at frequent intervals in South India . I love landscapes, nature, wildlife and portraits. I have a Nikon D-90 with 18-135 mm and 70-300 mm to startwith. I shall try to be a frequenter to your great blog.
With regards

Gwen  13 years ago

I love taking photos, capturing a bit of someone’s personality or the feeling of a scene. Photos are memories. I grew up with a father who loved taking photos and game me a point and shoot early on. Hoping to become good enough to be invited to share in other’s memories.

Faisal  13 years ago

The greatest inspiration and motivation for me is the love of nature and to be actually out there and feel that wholesome experience. It’s this great feeling that keeps me wanting to photograph and it now has become like a passion for me to photograph nature and keep a record of all those beautiful places that remind me of the good times that i spent there.
Besides photography as a passion for me has stemmed from my strong desire to travel. I have always been an avid traveler throughout and meeting different people all with unique and interesting stories makes me delighted internally. So recording all those precious moments and places with my camera (a film and a digital SLR for now, though i plan to jump on to the large format soon whenever i get the chance and budget) is like a ‘built-in’ function for me :) I wish i could somehow record the smell and fragrance of those places as well, and tag them with the photos :)

Dee  13 years ago

It all started when my mom bake some cakes and cookies about 2 yrs ago. And I notice those yummy cookies won’t last long so I took photos with my compact camera and from there I began to have interest not only on basic pictures but exploring more about it as well. Adjusting angles and lights are so fun! And yes I don’t like to use flash… =X

I bought my Nikon D40 in Aug 2008. My very first DSLR and I fell in love not only the gadget that I had but the ability to capture the beauty side of the things that I see… is truly amazing!

My aim to do photography is not earning money out of it (as in a job) but enjoying it to the fullest (I know, I will definitely look at my photos again and again…) and sharing it with the rest who appreciates photography as well!

Anyway, I visit your site for couple of days and I really adore it. Is like a 2nd home to me. =)

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