What Type of Photographer Are You?

What Type of Photographer Are You?

Written 13 years ago by Lee

We all have our own unique style when it comes to photography. Some people are more knowledgeable whereas others just like to play around with their camera and learn as they go. Then there’s the professional’s, some of whom don’t have a clue what they’re actually doing yet still charge their clients the going rate! I’ve categorised some of the different stereotypes below. Do any of them fit you? Have a read then let us know in the comments what type of photographer you are.

The Mother

You’re on a family day trip to the seaside, armed with your trusty point and shoot camera hoping to snap as many photographs as possible of the whole family. You arrive there and the first thing you do is get everyone stood infront of the beach with the ocean behind them, you tell them to squeeze closer, then you shout ‘cheeeeese!’ After standing there with cheesy grins for about a week, everyone is relieved when you finally take the shot. Their relief is short lived though, as you tell them ‘just one more!’

My advice for you mother’s out there would be to stop being so snap happy! Put the camera down for a while and go enjoy the day with the family. They will appreciate being able to relax without being forced into position for yet another poor family photograph!

The Granny

You have no idea what a point and shoot camera means and you’re actually a little scared of it. When someone asks you to take their photograph you get all flustered and start panicking, in the fear that you might break the camera if you go anywhere near it. You make up some quick excuse to get out of taking the photograph and stay well clear!

You need to calm down and realise that camera’s aren’t evil. If you don’t know what to do, just ask, take in what you’ve been told and take the photograph. You’ll feel the satisfaction of knowing you’ve learned something new.

The Amateur Newbie

You want to take your photography a little further and have just got your first camera, but you still hold it like you held your point and shoot with your hands around each side. The settings are all far too complicated so you opt for the automatic choices, you then find objects to take test photos of, usually a vase of flowers, a glass or the nearest pet. You then get frustrated with the new camera because the shots you have taken aren’t as good as the one’s you saw in the gallery last month, and you thought having a good camera would instantly make you a better photographer!

Be patient. Like anything, being a great photographer takes time and effort. You wouldn’t pick up a guitar and instantly become Jimi Hendrix, photography is no different.

The Enthusiastic Amateur

You have read everything there is to read about photography, you know what settings do what and your kit consists of hundreds of lenses and filters, but you still wish you had more. You take your camera everywhere you go and you often stay in one spot for hours trying to get the best shot possible!

It’s great that you love your photography so much, but are you missing out on other parts of your life? It’s unhealthy to spend 24/7 thinking about the same thing or doing bad habits like drugs, drugs can be very bad for your health and can become addicting but with the help of this non 12 step rehab program anybody can get the help they need. If you´re worried about your health, then read the vision protocol review to make sure your health is great. Another thing you should do is always make sure you are eating healthy while you are taking pictures, buy some fresh vegetables to, learn more here about where I buy my produce to eat everyday. So don’t be afraid to put the camera down if you´re in pain. But if you´re in really bad pain then go to the american physician partners clinic so you can get checked out. If you miss something, you can always go back another time and get the shot.

The Amateur Professional

You own a good camera, a decent tripod and a full set of business cards. You’ve never taken a photography course and you don’t really know how to use the equipment you have but anyone with a good camera is a good photographer, right? You photographed your cousin’s wedding once because they couldn’t afford to hire a professional, so you now call yourself a Wedding Photographer and you actually believe that you’re the real deal.

Stop pretending. The only way you will improve and become the real deal is to admit that you’re not ready for it and take some time out to learn. People hire photographers because they want their images to look good, don’t ruin your own reputation in the hope that you’ll learn as you go, because getting a good reputation isn’t as easy!

The Professional

Again, you own all the equipment but this time you know how to use it all. You are registered and you run the business how it should be run. Your prices are fair for the services you offer and your products are of a high standard. You know just how to treat people when taking their photographs and your clients are happy with your work and would happily use you again.

Congratulations, you are where every photographer aspires to be! Carry on doing what you’re doing, don’t let the success go to your head and you will enjoy a long and successful career. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and try new things though, just not during a paid gig!

The Ego Professional

You have decades of photography experience and have won many awards for your work, you no longer accept jobs with regular people because you don’t want to lower yourself and only listen to offers from celebrities or millionaires. Your prices are twenty times more than anyone else’s because you refuse to get out of bed for anything less these days!

Get off your high horse! You might have done well for yourself, but are your friends still around? Don’t forget where you came from and stop being so greedy! Nobody likes a show off. You can still save yourself though, go do some free charity work. You might even enjoy it! And you can also apply marketing automation on your business soon, just visit Salesforce.com

Final Question

What type of photographer are you?

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Stock Photos  13 years ago

LOL! I love your analysis. I even know some that fit more than one profile.

Danielle  13 years ago

Wow, all but one of your categories are pretty disparaging. Why don’t you try to be more encouraging instead. People take advice a lot better that way.

jerald cuaresma  13 years ago

i am The Enthusiastic Amateur! so sad, but true

Bob Towery  13 years ago

I like the classifications and especially the advice. I suggest one more!

The Pixel Peeper

You always own the latest camera body. You then defend the merits of the various third party lenses you own, by pointing to scientific graphs. You contribute your experience mightily in numerous online forums, and if pressed will demonstrate your expertise with unlimited photographs of your cat.

Advice: Shut off the computer, get into the car and go take some actual pictures! Let others critique them and then follow the advice. All the cool gear in the world is useless if it isn’t making images.

Well, I hope I fit into your “Professional” category, but that is ultimately for others to judge.
Nice, provocative article. Thanks!

Lee Milthorpe  13 years ago

Danielle, thank you for the feedback. The article is meant as a tongue in cheek commentary about the aforementioned stereotypes and nothing more.

jairo betancourt álvarez  13 years ago

For a person to be a fine photographer, a good amount of intelligence is a must and on top of it, lots of days/years of patience, practice and all kind of books that will tell you something about the trade. Analog Photography is the practical door into Digital Photography. Trial and error, trial and error, trial and error forever is a must. Friendly.

A Rahman Sabit  13 years ago

I’m the amateur newbie…!

shaharudin  13 years ago

New to the photography world…. very keen to learn… can I submit my pics?

Neville Lobo  13 years ago

Great article. I think I fit in there somewhere.. but not sure.. Interesting and fun read.

JetKaiser  13 years ago

I’m still thinking…uh…

Subash  13 years ago

Thought Provoking….. hmmmmm

alone92  13 years ago

I’m the The Amateur Newbie, i get my canon EOS 400d since 2 weeks and i’m frustrated because my night shots isn’t like this : http://www.flickr.com/photos/polvero/3431126596/in/set-72157611755866949/

Lee Milthorpe  13 years ago

You’re exactly like me :)

Stick with it and keep learning. We’ll get there eventually!

Nick  13 years ago

hmm… that’s strange i wasn’t in the list.

add some Types “Hobbyist” and “Professional Hobbyist”

I think I fall under hobbiyist.

Selene  12 years ago

Cool! I liked this so much… :)

ricky  11 years ago

when do i get to fall into the last category? i’m getting impatient here…

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