Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial and Showcase

Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial and Showcase

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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Ilan  10 years ago

Great examples and fun read.
I should try it myself…
Glad to find your blog :)

Lee Milthorpe  10 years ago

Hey Ilan, good to know you enjoyed the post!

I’ll be interested to see your tilt shift attempts :)

Abhilash  10 years ago


This is a nice and simple article. I have recently started paying more attention to my photos and tilt shifting is something that I have been trying for the last few weeks.

A few on my sample are in my profile link.

T Edwards  10 years ago

I have ALWAYS wondered how those “miniature” pictures were done. I never even knew what they were called. This is a really cool post and I tried out the Photoshop “cheater” method. I’ll send it in.

Very cool post!

Vivek  10 years ago

Brilliant. I am loving your blog. It’s a great resource.

Mark  10 years ago

Great Topic!!!!!!

Steph  10 years ago

Fantastic – can’t wait to try the ‘cheat’ – just wish I could go out and buy one of the lenses!

tanya25m  10 years ago

Will have to make do with the cheat — until I can affort the lenses!!

Niklas  10 years ago

Thanks for the insight! I’m thinking of buying a shift-lens for my Olympus OM4. Will that help me at all making good looking miniature scenes or could I buy a cheaper wideangle-lens just as well?

Mark Evans  10 years ago

Hi Niklas, a tilt-shift lens will give you that ‘miniature’ look you’re after, while with a wide angle lens, you cant get the same effect unless you cheat a little bit, and put the effect in afterwards in photoshop.

Eva  9 years ago

love the cape of good hope one… been there so many times and it is still stunning.

great post, keep up the good work.

cheerio eva

Susan  9 years ago

Uniqlo.com has a calendar app that features a short stream of tilt-shift movies of daily life in Japan. The scenes are often captured in time lapse as well as tilt-shift, and I find the results fascinating. Requires Flash to view though. I found it as a gadget for iGoogle. http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=http://www.uniqlo.com/calendar/sns/igoogle/xml/yUjppRR31Alziy1wnpWR.xml&source=imag

Phil  9 years ago

Stumbled across these “miniatures” while browsing Flickr looking for tilt-shift correction photo’s and was mesmorized.
Great tutorial, many thanx

jason  8 years ago

just bought a lensbaby 3G (control freak) It’s pretty awesome Cheaper alternative to the canon tilt-shift

Evangeline  8 years ago

Saw Gulliver’s travel last night and the into was cool. The video was captured in time lapse tilt shift effect similar to what Susan said. Pretty cool. I tried the cheat and like what the author said only works on certain images. I used my 70-200mm lens and did the cheat…wasn’t bad but of course its not as effective as using a true tilt shift lens. It was fun to try though. Great post!

Giant  8 years ago

Wish I could tilt-shift my innards.

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