Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial and Showcase

Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial and Showcase

Written 11 years ago by Mark Evans

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Ilan  11 years ago

Great examples and fun read.
I should try it myself…
Glad to find your blog :)

Lee Milthorpe  11 years ago

Hey Ilan, good to know you enjoyed the post!

I’ll be interested to see your tilt shift attempts :)

Abhilash  11 years ago


This is a nice and simple article. I have recently started paying more attention to my photos and tilt shifting is something that I have been trying for the last few weeks.

A few on my sample are in my profile link.

T Edwards  11 years ago

I have ALWAYS wondered how those “miniature” pictures were done. I never even knew what they were called. This is a really cool post and I tried out the Photoshop “cheater” method. I’ll send it in.

Very cool post!

Vivek  10 years ago

Brilliant. I am loving your blog. It’s a great resource.

Mark  10 years ago

Great Topic!!!!!!

Steph  10 years ago

Fantastic – can’t wait to try the ‘cheat’ – just wish I could go out and buy one of the lenses!

tanya25m  10 years ago

Will have to make do with the cheat — until I can affort the lenses!!

Niklas  10 years ago

Thanks for the insight! I’m thinking of buying a shift-lens for my Olympus OM4. Will that help me at all making good looking miniature scenes or could I buy a cheaper wideangle-lens just as well?

Mark Evans  10 years ago

Hi Niklas, a tilt-shift lens will give you that ‘miniature’ look you’re after, while with a wide angle lens, you cant get the same effect unless you cheat a little bit, and put the effect in afterwards in photoshop.

Eva  10 years ago

love the cape of good hope one… been there so many times and it is still stunning.

great post, keep up the good work.

cheerio eva

Susan  10 years ago

Uniqlo.com has a calendar app that features a short stream of tilt-shift movies of daily life in Japan. The scenes are often captured in time lapse as well as tilt-shift, and I find the results fascinating. Requires Flash to view though. I found it as a gadget for iGoogle. http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=http://www.uniqlo.com/calendar/sns/igoogle/xml/yUjppRR31Alziy1wnpWR.xml&source=imag

Phil  9 years ago

Stumbled across these “miniatures” while browsing Flickr looking for tilt-shift correction photo’s and was mesmorized.
Great tutorial, many thanx

jason  8 years ago

just bought a lensbaby 3G (control freak) It’s pretty awesome Cheaper alternative to the canon tilt-shift

Evangeline  8 years ago

Saw Gulliver’s travel last night and the into was cool. The video was captured in time lapse tilt shift effect similar to what Susan said. Pretty cool. I tried the cheat and like what the author said only works on certain images. I used my 70-200mm lens and did the cheat…wasn’t bad but of course its not as effective as using a true tilt shift lens. It was fun to try though. Great post!

Giant  8 years ago

Wish I could tilt-shift my innards.

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