The Five Basic Rules of Shot Composition

The Five Basic Rules of Shot Composition

Written 9 years ago by Lee

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cchana  10 years ago

some great tips, simplicity is one of the best tips here, i often find myself trying to fit way too much in to a shot!

LaurenB  10 years ago

This is great! Basic skills are very important, well outlined.

Jason  9 years ago

This is more like it.
Fantastic tips and photographs for the budding amateur.
One of the better sites I’ve seen.
I’m inspired.

Jason Collin Photography  9 years ago

I like the order you introduced the rules in. I would definitely teach lines last out of those composition techniques.

Allen Trottier  9 years ago

Great Tips! As a newb in the photography game, I often forget the basics.


Radu  9 years ago

I would add “texture”… it’s somewhat complementary to “lines” but I think it’s worth mentioning.

Girish Bhardwaj  9 years ago

Thiss real common sense & simplicity applie which 99% of the world does not hae

deeksha  9 years ago

awesome tips for perfect photography……thanks

ajith  8 years ago

brilliantly told..surely these rules can create magic

Theo  8 years ago

Thanks a lot!

sabari nath  6 years ago


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