Shooting My First Wedding(s)

Shooting My First Wedding(s)

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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Aaron Curtis  10 years ago

You’re right about it getting a little easier each time. It’s still pretty nerve racking though. It will get easier to tell (yell) people what to and where to stand. Nices pics by the way. They look really nice.

Andreas Diederich  10 years ago

Hey. I really like your article, and the pics you show us. I’ve photographed three weddings myself, and have three more jobs coming up this summer. It’s nice ro read about your experience(s) regarding equipment, techniques and which-lens-to-use experience :) I use a 5D mkII and “fast” lenses (canon ef 50mm f/1.4, ef 28-70mm f/2.8 and ef 70-200mm f/4), and a 580ex flash (just in case). I like the documentary style shooting weddings, and therefore I try not to use the flash at any circumstance.. Is there a website with more of your photos available?

Barry  10 years ago

Great article and great set of photos. Weddings are probably the most daunting of photographic missions for any photographer and it’s always great to see articles with great advice such as this one…nicely done!

Mark Evans  10 years ago

Thanks guys, Ive decided to make the jump to wedding photography so Im getting a website and photos sorted for that, ill let you know when it is up and running

BlueRose  10 years ago

Hey Mark, nice pix – I like the shoes and the dress abstract. I have the F4 70-200 and I adore it, its my fave lens :)

Are you still in CHCH? Nice to have a catchup :)

Travis  9 years ago

I have recently gotten into shooting weddings, but I too have problems posing people. If anyone has any suggestions (sites, books, etc) I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you

David  9 years ago

It’s always different when doing weddings, great job by the way. I can still remember the first time I had been asked to do one, but I will never forget it!

Mark Evans  9 years ago

Hi Bluerose, unfortunately im back in the UK now (still cold here too)! It was good to be back in NZ though.

Travis, the practical photography mag that I have has these suggestions for posing people:

1) No-one should be squarely facing the camera, pose people so their shoulders are at a 35 degree angle to the camera but their faces are still looking at the camera lens.
2) Make sure everyone has one foot slightly in front of the other
3) Try to create flowing lines and watch out for big gaps.

hope that helps you out!

Jon Payne  9 years ago

Nice to see someone else do some nice first time wedding shots. Weddings always scare me, basically for the same reasons you mentioned. That, and boy do I have a hard time posing people.

You definitely pulled it off, though, and I can’t wait to see all the photos.

Great advice, and I’ll definitely need to get a nice flash and new lens with a wider f stop soon.

Laguna Beach Photography  8 years ago

Really Brilliant, Your first photos of wedding itself looks amazing. All the very best Mark.

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