Photography Locations Series

Photography Locations Series

Written 13 years ago by Mark Evans

Stuck in a rut with your photography? Want to find some new and exciting locations to spice things up a bit? In the coming months we’ll be showcasing some stunning locations from around the globe that are just perfect for photography. They’ll be brought to you country by country so you can get a good idea of what each country has to offer in terms of great locations to shoot, and each location will have a short description so you can decide if its your cup of tea.

If you think you know of a certain special location, then let us know where and why, and we’ll look at compiling a list of great locations so photographers like yourself can experience the thrill of shooting a new location.
Keep a lookout in the coming week for the first installment: Australia!

If you want to submit a location, let us know at: hello@smashandpeas.com

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Tawaki  13 years ago

Argentina, New Zealand and Canada are three countries where you can find great locations. Needless to say that landscapes are my preference.

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