Geo-What? Geo-Tagging Your Photographs

Geo-What? Geo-Tagging Your Photographs

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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Antonio Marques  10 years ago

Actually there are many geo-tagging products that work outside of the camera (with any camera) by synchronizing a GPS track log to the time a certain photo was taken. I’m even fairly sure that if you can get the log files from the GPS on your mobile, you’ll be able to use them to geo-tag your images. I’ve reviewed one of these products (again, one of many) if you’re interested (http://www.tzplanet.com/words/atp-photofinder-mini-reinventing-geotagging-product-review/176).

Ann  10 years ago

I’m using my iPhone as a GPS data logger. There is an iPhone app specifically made for this purpose (http://www.galarina.eu/GeoLogTag/How_To).
I switch the app on before I start shooting photos and turn it off afterwards. GeoLogTag exports a GPX file that contains the tracklog of my photoshoot. I use the GPX file with HoudahGeo (www.houdahgeo.com) on my Mac to geotag the photos. I import the geotagged photos in iPhoto’09 where they show up on the map.
It’s pretty easy to do. From now on I’ll geotag every photo I take.

Anonymous  10 years ago

Love the concept – there are web apps that allow you to upload your geo tagged pics and have them displayed as thumbnails on a world map – which you can then zoom in on, write descriptions for etc…

XposurePro Photography Community  10 years ago

this actually helped me in the past .. last summer I was able to find a spot I couldn’t remember how to get to.

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