Photography Challenge #1

Photography Challenge #1

Written 13 years ago by Mark Evans

We want to provide a platform for improving photography and are interested in just what our readers can produce in terms of great photos, so we’ll be putting a series of challenges out there to find what diversity lies in the pool of talent that is our awesome readers, and see if there’s any stars amongst us too. We’re encouraging everyone to participate, so whatever level of your photography, you can use this opportunity to hone the skills you have, learn more about your photography and have some fun doing it too.

How it Works

Each challenge will have a unique theme, designed to take you out of your comfort zone. Your task is to shoot your best picture related to the set theme and send it to us with it’s technical details and if you like, the story behind the photo. We’ll then compile a gallery with the best entries and showcase them on the blog the following week.

Photography Challenge #1

The theme for our first photography challenge is… Water!

It’s a pretty broad theme, so nice and easy to start with; we’re hoping to see some quality entries, so grab your camera and get shooting! Send your best attempt along with your camera settings to: hello@smashandpeas.com

The deadline for sending your entry is Wednesday the 30th of September.

Dont worry if you’re only just starting out, it will be great to see a broad range of entries, so submit your best efforts and good luck!

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Asier RA  13 years ago

;( too late!

Aman Reaka (bkmhoxx)  13 years ago

I liked the unlimited ideas that one could take from this challenge. Water!
It could be a bathtub, rain, a cloud, a lake or stream, a glass of water, or a frog in a pond etc. It was fun to think of new ways to show, creatively…water.
I could have shot 25 different things for this one.

Christopher Cina  13 years ago

Was too late for this one, looking forward to the next!


FstopQueen  12 years ago

When is the next one? is there a mailing list for them? Sounds like an interesting idea.

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