Not Quite a Complete Beginner

Not Quite a Complete Beginner

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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Ramon Thompson  9 years ago

Great post! It reminds me of when I got my first DSLR…a Canon Rebel Xti. I wasn’t as brave as you were to post images online for others to critique; I was my own worst critic, and kept observing what made other’s images great and tried to apply those things whenever I made images. I, too, have found composition to be one of the most important things!

Chris Tay  9 years ago

I’m inspired by your blog to start one of my own, maybe…. Owned a CANON 50D since August, been snapping away but not posting much online. Hopefully, I get the courage some day.

Keep up your posting!

arjun  9 years ago

nice blog :)

KDH9966  9 years ago

I just got a DSLR at Christmas and your blog inspired me…thanks!!!

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