Not Quite a Complete Beginner

Not Quite a Complete Beginner

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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Ramon Thompson  10 years ago

Great post! It reminds me of when I got my first DSLR…a Canon Rebel Xti. I wasn’t as brave as you were to post images online for others to critique; I was my own worst critic, and kept observing what made other’s images great and tried to apply those things whenever I made images. I, too, have found composition to be one of the most important things!

Chris Tay  10 years ago

I’m inspired by your blog to start one of my own, maybe…. Owned a CANON 50D since August, been snapping away but not posting much online. Hopefully, I get the courage some day.

Keep up your posting!

arjun  10 years ago

nice blog :)

KDH9966  10 years ago

I just got a DSLR at Christmas and your blog inspired me…thanks!!!

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