Landscape Photography Series

Landscape Photography Series

Written 13 years ago by Lee

It’s no secret that breathtaking landscapes can be the catalyst for some really stunning photographs, and most photographers (at least, most that I have met) enjoy nothing more than getting outside and experimenting in the open air with no demanding clients and no distractions. There aren’t too many negatives when it comes to landscape photography; if a shot goes wrong, the mountain will still be there for you to try again, if you missed that wave, there will be another one soon, if the heavens open, hello dramatic sky scene!

The main itch with shooting landscapes though, is the desire to always capture the perfect scene! Seeing someone else produce beautiful results might inspire you, but it could also make you feel like your attempts are inferior, especially for beginners so it’s important to take things slowly and not to expect amazing results straight away.

Over the next 6 days, we will be publishing a series of articles, each covering different aspects of landscape photography, with tutorials and tips to help you improve those landscape shots!

Here are the topics we’ll be covering:

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The first article will be going live shortly so stay tuned!

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Barry  13 years ago

Looks like a great series, really interested in the urban landscape post as this is an area I am trying to get to grips with!

Light Stalking  13 years ago

Can’t wait for this. You guys have a great site – I just wish you would post more often!! ;)

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