How Your Mobile Phone Can Help Your Photography

How Your Mobile Phone Can Help Your Photography

Written 13 years ago by Lee

Last week I asked the question, why do you photograph? One of our readers, Keruchan, replied saying that he uses his mobile phone to photograph information such as restaurant menu’s, opening and closing times and other information that could be useful for future reference. I learned something from that comment that will help improve my photography.

Most modern mobile phones come equipped with a built in camera, enabling us to take quick snapshots wherever we go, but the quality is hardly ever anything special, resulting in poor, grainy photographs that you would never in a million years want to show off in your photography portfolios. It’s this reason why most photographers, including myself stay away from their phone camera, but it can actually be quite a useful tool.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be carrying all that heavy equipment around with you wherever you go, but at the same time, you don’t want to be without it when you come across something that could make a fantastic photograph. Here’s where the phone camera comes in.

Like Keruchan, we can use our phone camera’s to store information for later use. Rather than kicking yourself for not having your camera with you, take a photo with your phone. It wont be the best quality photograph you’ve ever taken, but it will be a reminder for where you were and what the scene looked like, so when you get the chance, you can go back to the scene with your equipment and take the shot properly when it suits you. Also, with the latest generation mobiles, Geo-tagging the GPS co-ordinates on your photograph will get you back to the exact same spot without any hassles, saving you time when trying to find your spot in the future. Mark will cover this in more detail in another article.

Your phone camera can also be a great tool for scene scouting. The best time to photograph outdoors is around sunrise and sunset, so a good way to get the best photograph possible is to scout for a scene beforehand. Use your phone camera to take as many shots as possible, it will give you a good idea of how the scene will look in the frame and you can look through them later and choose the best shots. You are then ready to go back at the appropriate time of day, can set up straight away and be ready to take your best photograph yet.

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