How to Shoot Eye Catching Night Scenes

How to Shoot Eye Catching Night Scenes

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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Jamie  10 years ago

OMG…I absolutely love the image with the stars moving!! I want to do that!!

Dietmar  10 years ago

@Jamie: Yes, this one is really the best! Anyway I need a stativ and more spare time, especially at the dark :)

Martyn  10 years ago

Some great pictures there – love the fireworks one!
I’ve already had a go at the startrails one myself: :-)


Lee Milthorpe  10 years ago

Great photo Martyn!

We do actually have a tutorial on how to make these. For those that want to give it a try, here’s the link:


C.D.A.  10 years ago

Seaside shots such as this one http://cdaphoto.blogspot.com/2009/06/potos-nights.html can be interesting. But I think startrails photos are really magnificent.

tanya golash boza  10 years ago

beautiful pictures! I LOVE the one under “selective lighting.” Great work!

blues  10 years ago

Hey, this site is really interesting, I’m gonna stick on it.

Jason Collin Photography  10 years ago

I do want to try the painting with light with a long exposure technique. I keep forgetting I want to! Maybe I’ll try it tonight.

I really like the moving star-type photographs as well. And the fairgrounds!

Terry Day  10 years ago

Great tips and great photographs..Very Nice.

XposurePro Photography Community  10 years ago

Owning a full time portrait studio I hardly ever get the chance to go out and shoot at night. When I do it’s like my special ME time.

ISHARA  7 years ago

Instead of using a shutter release cable, is it just as effective to set the timer on the shutter so avoid the shake?
I found it very hard to take photos from our rooftop due to the high wind factor (shook the tripod). Had to settle for one at dusk just as the lights were coming on but light enough to avoid very long exposure times.

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