How to Photograph Mountains

How to Photograph Mountains

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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hfng  10 years ago

Excellent tips!

Barry  10 years ago

Another great set of tips guys!

Anonymous  10 years ago

I really love the second one. I always find it helpful to have depth in a photo when taking photos of mountains.

Jame  10 years ago

Thanks, great tips. It’s not so difficult when someone simplifies it ;)

Mon  10 years ago

I just started to unleashed my passion in photography and trying to get as much good info and tips as I can… Thanks for the great site! I hope to see more tips from you.

Ximena  10 years ago

Great tips, they are very helpful.
The photos are just awesome!
thank you.

Mike  10 years ago

Great post and very helpful.

I am going to Nepal soon, people keep telling me there are problems with high altitude and photography.

Can you guys off any tips?



Aljan  9 years ago

Nice article, hope to shoot some great shots in Italy this summer! Getting up early is the hardest part! :-)

Thanks for the tips, hope to see more landscape photos on Focussion soon!

Cliffe  8 years ago

To round it out, it would be great to add some basic remarks on camera lenses and settings. Since it’s hard to do justice to a mountain’s sheer massiveness with a standard point-and-shoot digital, what would a modern-day Ansel Adams use instead?

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