How to make the most of Autumn Photography

How to make the most of Autumn Photography

Written 13 years ago by Mark Evans

Autumn can present a new and interesting set of conditions for photography. Particularly in the UK more overcast days abound, the temperature drops noticeably and the days start to get a lot shorter. But that doesn’t mean to say less photography. All it means is that we need to make better use of the light we have.

Soft Light

We all know light is almost the most important part of photography, so when its overcast in autumn, these conditions present a nice subdued light that’s great for portrait photography. Add a little fill flash and portraits become beautifully lit with soft shadows; you couldn’t ask for better than that! Tip: When using fill flash (direct) dial down the flash by 1 stop or so to avoid producing a harsh light on skin tones, there is people who suffer from skin conditions and use a psoriasis cream amazon every day so you want to make an emphasis on their problem, , try using the dermaroller amazon before and after a session to avoid damage.


Dramatic Colour

In autumn Mother Nature provides an ever changing palette of warmer colours to play with. The countryside gradually moves from green to golden browns, creating a dramatic backdrop for any landscape shoot. Try to make the most of this time of year as it comes around fast but its not long before the leaves are gone too; bare trees don’t look half as good.


Misty Mornings

Getting up early is hard enough, let alone in autumn when its getting darker but morning and evening are the best times to capture atmospheric misty shots, even add in some silhouetted trees and the sun back lighting the whole scene in a warm glow and you’ve got your classic autumn shot. These scenes can make great moody landscapes, just remember to adjust your exposure accordingly (or bracket) if you’re looking to get silhouettes.


The change in seasons not only brings a change in the landscape, but a change in the way we approach photography, and autumn is probably one of the better ones to get to grips with. The colours, light, and atmosphere come together to produce some of the best conditions for photographers, and I know I’ll be one of them out there, trying to make the most before winter comes knocking. Look out for the Winter article coming next season!

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Terry Day  13 years ago

Nice post, Another good tip for photographing in the fall is taking advantage of back lighting. Whether it be early morning or late afternoon, back lighting can add some extra snap to your fall colors.
Keep up the good work. As always I enjoy your posts.

Anthony  13 years ago

Very good tips. This definitely gives me some new ideas. I was thinking that this time of year was a good time to focus on indoor shots. However, I think I’ll pull out the flash and see what I can do. By the way, did you take all the photos featured in this post? I would have to say, I’m impressed!

mark  13 years ago

Hi Anthony, I wish I took all these pics! If you click on them it will take you to the authors page

Anna  13 years ago

I find autumn one of the best seasons to take photography. The colors (atleast in NJ) are magnificent. This inspires me to go out and take photos.

XposurePro Photography Community  13 years ago

I love the early mornings right after a night of rain

Amit  13 years ago

hey thanx for the tips on autum..its one of my fav topic in photography..i like to capture autumn pics with polarizer filters the result from the filters gives a warm feel to the picture..

sibo  13 years ago

Nice post, I like it!

Gio | Photography Blog  11 years ago

These pictures are so lovely. I hope that there’s autumn in our country so I can take photos too of wonderful colors of autumn.

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