Getting a Pro Lens: Is It Worth It?

Getting a Pro Lens: Is It Worth It?

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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Mike Gove  10 years ago

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the L world :) Terribly addictive!

You might also look to a decent circular polariser for this but make darn sure it is a super-thin type (Hoya Pro etc.) else the vignetting issue multiples ten fold.

The other fun lens is the 15mm fisheye. A terrible creative lens that makes you look at the world in a really different way.


Vu  10 years ago

I’ll probably not buy another consumer grade lens again. Once you go L, its hard to go back. The downside is the increased weight, but the build/image quality is fantastic. After having spent so much money buying and then eventually selling the cheaper lenses, I could have just saved up and bought the L lenses to begin with…would have been cheaper in the long run :)

Mark Evans  10 years ago

Hi Guys, cheers for the good tips, I’ll definitely have to get the slim version filters for this lens, and I totally agree, its would be very hard to go back to a non ‘L’ lens!

Jason  10 years ago

To me it sounds pretty expensive for a lens that is only f/4. Reading along I was expecting to see f/2.8 and if this is barrel distortion and vignetting at its widest focal length, how can it be considered a pro lens?

Don’t want to rain on your parade, but I sold a lens I had in the past because it had vignetting, but it wasn’t a pro lens.

Mark Evans  10 years ago

Hi Jason, cheers for the comments! I guess with this lens, for me it came down to affordability and what I intended to use it for, as I said, its perfect for me because I do landscapes and interior photos, so don’t really use anything less than f/16. Price-wise the 17-40mm is nearly half price compared to the 16-35mm L, so I’m happy with that! And I agree with you, on a pro lens, you shouldn’t get vignetting, but seems to be a fact of life on ultra wide-angle lenses (even the 16-35mm L exhibits vignetting at 16mm).

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