Destination New Zealand

Destination New Zealand

Written 9 years ago by Mark Evans

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Ritchie  9 years ago

WOW! Nice shots… Two thumbs up! yeah!

edward  9 years ago

I vote for the Drift Wood at Abel Tasman !! Neat photos.

BlueRose  9 years ago

oooh I LOVE the Wave Action? I hope you had some protective gear for your camera at that angle.

And Scallop should be a huge print up on the wall, its lovely.

you made NZ look so appealing with all those blue skies and high clouds :) wish it was like that all the time LOL

Great shots, what lens did you use for the wide angle shots?

Mark Evans  9 years ago

Hi BlueRose,
yeah my 5D got a little wet, but still ok! I used a canon 17-40mm for my wide angled shots, its great, as you can get super close to your foreground interest.

BlueRose  9 years ago

Mark you are far braver than I to let that much salt water near your precious camera :)

Most people I know have the 10-22 for the wide angle – whats the appeal for the 17-40 for you?

i have the 17-85 which isnt the best quality lens but gets the job done. But the 10-22 is around $1500 here and its not a necessity. I will get someting wide after I get my 100-400 LOL

Jen Pruett  9 years ago

wow the landscape is beautiful nice photos, Jen

Steven  9 years ago

Awesome stuff!

Lee Harth  9 years ago

Good shots mate.The medlands beach one is great,with the kayaks. you have given me some angle ideas thanks!

milena.  9 years ago

awesome pics.thx.

Maryville  9 years ago

Love the turtle

kiwigram  8 years ago

It is refreshing to see a different view of NZ. So many just concentrate on the scenery that we do not get to see some of the other parts. Great collection. Thank you.

Jedna Chwila  6 years ago

New Zeland – magic land in everybody dreams! :) beautiful places :)

sonia puri  6 years ago

Lovely and breathtaking pictures. I always WISH I could go there. I keep coming back ti see more and I always send them to my friends too

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