Be a Photography God: Creating Stereographic Planets

Be a Photography God: Creating Stereographic Planets

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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Subash  10 years ago

you sure can make the planet……. I did it with my own picture with photoshop. One thing confuses me though. When I did it without cropping the pic PS actually made a planet with a white background. When I cropped it the picture remained a square with no circular planet. Wonder why….?

Jared Armstrong  10 years ago

I’ve made one. It was so fun!
I much prefer PTgui than the photoshop method. Photoshop somehow gets it wrong… The trees, in mine, for example, when done with photoshop, got stretched and distorted.
Thank you so much for this tutorial!

ted @pangio  10 years ago

The flash panorama viewer KrPano is able to show any equirectangular panorama as a planet. Even simpler than doing it in photoshop.

Take a look at Panogio.com where I tried it. Just click on a spherical panorama, as for example one of my favorites http://www.panogio.com/spain/309022142 , and then on the link “little planet” below it.

Mark Evans  10 years ago

Nice little planet Jared. Ted, that is one very cool program! I’m going to have to try that one out for myself.

Jared Armstrong  9 years ago

I’m back. :) I’ve made all these now. I added a link to this tutorial.
Thanks again!

Mark Evans  9 years ago

Hey checked out your link Jared, nice work! My own efforts can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40067547@N04/3774093503/

Klaus  9 years ago

Hey, thanks for using my image here. I’m using hugin, that is like ptgui, but freeware. Works like ptgui and makes fine planet.

And I think my squared original looks better than the cropped version you use in the header. :)

Mark Evans  9 years ago

Hey Klaus, I agree the square one does look better, although all our header images have to be rectangular! You create some really nice planets, keep up the good work.


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