A Day in the Life of a Live Music Photographer

A Day in the Life of a Live Music Photographer

Written 9 years ago by Lee

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Greg Baker  9 years ago

Always interesting to see how other people work! I’m an amateur photographer but am very keen on my live music. I was lucky enough to get a press pass to WOMAD here in Abu Dhabi, here are some of the photos:


I don’t have the latest or greatest kit, but with some practice and judicious editing anyone can get some decent shots! The rest of my portfolio is on Flickr.

Thanks for an interesting read!

Mark Zikra  9 years ago

Greg –

I’m the author of that article, just checked out your photos, Good stuff man! You have a good style. Keep it up.


Roberto Carlos  9 years ago

Very interesting artical about your live photography.

I like to shoot live music events, and arts expressions, as an amateur photographer too.

My Flickr Live Photography:


Duluk  9 years ago

“Before I head out for the show, I take my camera with me into a dark room, typically my bathroom (no windows) and I practice adjusting my ISO, White Balance and EV +/- with the lights off.”

That’s awesome! Not silly at all.

Nice shots; really enjoyed the article.

BlueRose  9 years ago

Great post, interested to see you got some great low light images, I am still struggling with that (as you can see from several posts on my blog about it)

Will have to test out your settings and see how I get on :)

T.K. Burd  9 years ago

Great tip about adjusting the ISO in a dark room first!

Davao Photos  9 years ago

Thanks for this great tip :) I love watching photos taken live … Also thanks for you guys that shared your live photo. Keep it up.

Stella  8 years ago

Looks like there haven’t been any new posts for about a year now. Have you dropped the whole thing?
Anyway, if you’re still around i was wondering if there any tricks to get rid of noise at high ISO speeds and long exposures apart from automatic noise reduction, tripods, timers, remote shutter release and live view?

Catalina Fragoso  8 years ago


I am a young Nikon D90 live music photographer as well !!

Denny Mac  8 years ago

“Occasionally I will take some shots from the back of the crowd or some shots from around the venue”

This will get you kicked out or even banned from most larger venues.

Rebecca Love  7 years ago

Shooting my first live show for an online magazine tomorrow. This was SO helpful! Thank you!

Paul Scott Thomas  7 years ago

Hi all

been getting more and more experience in smaller gigs and currently I’ve worked up to my largest, O2 Bristol a week ago.

Shoot with a d700 but the D90 does so well and I take this out a lot. Love that camera.

Advice to anyone starting. Don’t be afraid to start small. Too many people struggle to get photo passes and give up. I get these by showing my work and it’s building nicely. Money may follow later, or’ not. I don’t think there’s a lot of money in it and I don’t care too much. Making a living out of photography is a dream for every enthusiast.

Some of my best shots are after the first three songs over the crowd from the back of the venue and it’s worth risking a nice overall stage shot in my opinion. It just finishes the shoot so well and amazes the people with blurred point and click pics. The bouncers are generally polite and let you do this for a minute if you show your pass and are to nervous just to do it.

It’s worth noting finally. That the same skills used for a dslr can be used for any camera (with manual controls)
Try manual mode, iso800-1600, shutter speed greater than focal length and f2,f2.8 and see. You’ll have sharper photos than anyone using auto modes for a start.

Even an iphone can espose where you want. click on the guy in the spotlight, it will set exposure for that person, then click the shutter. Guarantee you’ll have better pics than the person next to you, with blurred movement and to me that’s what it’s all about.
Working up to the limitations of what you are using.

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