7 Product Photography Tips

7 Product Photography Tips

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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Susan K  10 years ago

Awesome tips thanks!!!

Ben Goulding  10 years ago

Just stumbled across your site. Like the design very much. Good tips here. Thanks.

lester  9 years ago

Grate tips and I have done some of the shoots on gray back ground please let me know will it be a problem for me to cut to insert back going image.
I am a photographer in Lonon.

matt smith  9 years ago

another great backdrop idea is spandex. I use it for larger backdrops with a pvc frame. you can get it up to 60″ wide and it stretches to almost 8′

Sheri Slike  9 years ago

would like to use some of your tips in a PPT presentation for my class, May I?

Carlton Jones  8 years ago

Great advice, explain very well.

Barbette  8 years ago

Thank you for those helpful tips. I also really like your photography, it’s beautiful.

Tyler  8 years ago

Thanks for your helpful article. The one question I have been trying to figure out is the best way to add a completely different background to my images so they stand out next to all the other white ones from other sellers. Is there any tips or websites you recommend that will guide me on how to make possibly a grey gradient background that is soft and then you can see somewhat of a reflection on the bottom. Any tips or recommendations on website that can help me with that, I’d greatly appreciate it. Just a quick note, I sell high-end handbags and accessories which I saw that bag you used above… bought maybe you knew what the best colors are for handbags, asap. Thanks again!

Shoetopia  8 years ago

Any tips regarding product pictures that are ‘too warm’? Some of our product pictures aren’t coming out in the same color we shot them as… for example, dark brown comes out lightish brown. Still trying to figure it out since we’re trying to ‘professionalize’ our images and make our customer shopping experience more pleasant.

Thanks for these! They have helped :-).

Cross-cultural creations  7 years ago

Great tips! I am struggling with taking some pictures of my jewelry, I want a background that compliments the piece but doesnt mess up the lighting.
Thanks for your insight!

Naomi Madelin  7 years ago

If you have a flash for your SLR camera, a great piece of kit to give a nice soft light on your products, and no shadows, is the orbis ring flash. Invented right here in NZ and sells around the world! And it’s a great investment if you are taking a lot of product shots – or share one with a friend if you aren’t going to use it heaps.


Upfront I confess that it was developed by my husband and I, but just have a wee look at the shadowless effect you get with it. I use it for photos for selling my kids used stuff on TradeMe etc – it makes everything look so much better! He’s the pro photographer, not me (I’m the business brains!), but I find it great.

Ürün Çekimi  7 years ago

thank you for sharing.

ürün çekimi  7 years ago

Thanks for these!

Carly  7 years ago

These are great tips, hope you can also write an article about tricks of the trade in product photography.

arifa  6 years ago

While taking a picture of a product say a.tranparent bottle .how to avoid the reflection of a environment….im editing some pict of company ,where they provide me snaps clicked by them…face a lot of problem….if I do ot of clone I loose the image charm….please do guide me in both the ways….what if I click those picture than how to avoid that reflection n in PhotoShop too…

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