6 Twitter Tips for Photographers
Photograph by Faith

6 Twitter Tips for Photographers

Written 8 years ago by Lee

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mlm software noida  7 years ago

I am using Twitter past 2 months and i am satisfied with the amount of traffic it gives to my website.I am growing good with it.But can you please do let me know how can i further increase my website traffic with twitter extensions on my software category website…Love to hear it soon from you!!!

Christy Harper  7 years ago

Thanks for the good tips!! Keep sharing and mahalo

Nikko  7 years ago

I do say, these are very helpful tips!

Mark Alfred  7 years ago

Those are some good points you have there. These tips are what I find very common with photographers everywhere. They do love sharing their pictures very openly online. It is actually very entertaining to follow a photographer in Twitter if you are the type of person who appreciates different types of images. I myself being a photographer, do all of those things stated in your blog. These are really good tips which I think all would-be photographers should follow.

Jenny  7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this! This is not only helpful but fun to read too. I would definitely share this to my friends. I love tweeting and I also love taking pictures. I use twitter to share the pictures that I take. I agree that as a photographer, I should learn how to interact with people. By tweeting and replying to other people on twitter, the pictures I take can go farther. Keep on sharing your pictures and advices. Thank you!

Brooke Pennington  7 years ago

I have twitter. I don’t tweet, I think I may have once. But I do love to follow photographers on there. That’s about as far as I can allow myself to go with that. :)

Monica  6 years ago

I’ll try your advice. This is interesting..

Easton Rimer  6 years ago

Obviously, twitter is one of the powerful tools to gain traffic and authority to your brand. I had been using this service since the beginning.

Thanks for the useful tips.


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