50 Totally Awesome Surf Photos

50 Totally Awesome Surf Photos

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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Webme1  10 years ago

Absolutely love this set of water images. A great collection!

Tom  10 years ago

Nice Work

scotty  10 years ago

Astounding. Floats my boat :)

Andreas  10 years ago

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…

Alex  10 years ago

Makes me want to be out there right now!!

kang  10 years ago

很漂亮 ä½©æœä½ ä»¬çš„å‹‡æ°” “Very beautiful admire your courage”-Google translate

francis cast  10 years ago

wow !!! hope i can do the same with my camera

Emerald  10 years ago

Awesome .. thank you …

Deneil Merritt  10 years ago

Awesome set of pictures.

vitashok  10 years ago


Patrik Olsson  10 years ago

Wow Amazing times 10!

pam  10 years ago

Wow I thought that was awsome and I love surfing!

Riser  10 years ago

Very beautiful

masa  10 years ago

amazing photograph.

Sheila Komisar  10 years ago

Beautiful Creation

Jeffrey  10 years ago

Increible! la mejor coleccion de fotos que ve visto!! (Awesome, the best photo album i’ve seen)

cooper mays  10 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing these ~ Can’t imagine how you did that!!

CHISCO  10 years ago

watta thing man.. what a raz shot !!


Puro Costa..

Paul Sveda  10 years ago

There is something to be said for the beauty of surf photography. Thanks for the collection share.



Stefan Vervoort  10 years ago

Beautiful. Simply amazing. This makes my dream to surf (which just hit me 2 weeks ago) becomes more alive then ever!

Doublebanker  10 years ago

This is a awesome collection… have enough wallpapers for over a month. Gonna have to resize one of them for my iPhone!

mr frog  10 years ago

nice pic….like heaven

SSB GERA  10 years ago

Doubtlessly Stunning photographs. But, as per my little knowledge, I think post processing has exceeded a little in Little’s images.

T. GREVE'  10 years ago

VERY impressed with Clark Little….Amazing wave shots..just amazing!

mark  10 years ago

Coooooool. Awesome Photos!

Jason Collin Photography  10 years ago

I’m a big fan of the inside the curl of the wave shot. Great skill and concentration needed as no doubt the photographer got tumbled after the shot.

manugrt  10 years ago

awesome… ;-)

Stephen  10 years ago

Amazing photos…

Belladonna  9 years ago

Absolutely breath-taking pictures! An amazing photographer!

Beshine  9 years ago

Wow, amazing photos!

Wetsuit Centre  9 years ago

Awesome set of surf photos!

Sorted Surf Shop  9 years ago

Andrew Shield’s Night time shots truly inspirational.

milena.  9 years ago

wow..awesome pics.

Ryan  9 years ago

Jeff’s 1970s Kodachromes are the best… check out his site for those.

namor  8 years ago

Only one word comes to mind. AWESOME!

Emily Beckett  8 years ago

WOW, thos are some great photos. How do they focus in the dark? What I mean by this is I am looking at the flash photos, but how do they focus a second before the flash goes off, or is it really not that dark where they can focus, but the flash is making it seem darker then what it is.


Thomas  8 years ago

Really outstanding pictures!!!

govind bahadur  8 years ago

awsome… photograhy
really outstanding

Gil R.M  8 years ago

amazing pics, 10x thumbs up for a lot of hard works. I love it……..

Kimble  7 years ago

Excellent shots!

Karl  7 years ago

great shots! wish we can save those photos as wall paper :)

Dave  7 years ago

Andrew Shields photos are always great, and Clark Littles shots are just artistically amazing.

Do yourself a favour and check out Trent Mitchells work as well, another great surf photographer from the Gold Coast.

Minnie  7 years ago

Inspiring! Those photos are really good. All those photos above combined two of my dream things -surfing and photography. I cannot imagine how hard it is for the photographers to take those photos when they did. But if I´d have to challenge myself when taking those photos, I would still have a big smile on my face upon seeing those photos.

Bridget @ GreenGlobalTravel  6 years ago

These photos are truly impressive! I’m sure a lot of skill goes into producing these images. Thanks for sharing!

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