50 Really Impressive Washed Up Photographs

50 Really Impressive Washed Up Photographs

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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Eva  10 years ago

I love the ship on the beach!
The exact same thing happened in Cape Town last year.


Shannon  10 years ago

What a great series! I love that something so simple as stuff that washes up on the beach can become a really wonderful visual narrative.

Rishi  10 years ago

This is an outstanding collection of photographs. Very, very inspiring. I stay near the beach, and am ashamed to say that I’ve nothing similar to show. Yet.

Laura Carlie Marie Budder  9 years ago

I love the one of the boot lying sideways on the beach! I would love to be a photographer when i get older. If you guys have any advice for me, please just email me or something =) great shots by the way.

Neelakandan  9 years ago

This is an excellent one. Love the shell and all the images are simply great. Thanks for sharing :)

Nik  9 years ago

Rishi, I don’t think it’s about having anything to show in this case. It’s about bringing items and staging them. While a majority of them are possible wash-ups, my guess is around three of these were actual items found.

Just bring an old matchbox car race track to the beach then process the heck out of it. Then perhaps bring a high heel; proceed to process the heck out of it. Maybe bring a coffee cup, after shooting you will then process the heck out of it.

It’s a very simple ‘process’.

That said, I did enjoy the second-last photo, and the tv idea.

Nothing wrong with staging as long as people like it. Right? :)

Rodrigo Machado  9 years ago

Very good work! Congratulations!

Cape Coral Barometer  9 years ago

I love this kind of coastal photography!

here be dragons  9 years ago

Wow. Even a TV!?! The ocean must be pretty wild where he’s at. Beautiful shots.

Larr  9 years ago

… and my sister made fun of ME for photographing a sneaker at the beach one day.

Mike  9 years ago

Very nice photos, sometimes all it takes is a quick visit to beach and you can end up with lovely pictures.

Pradeep  9 years ago

liked the collection. thanks for sharing.

Tim  9 years ago

Great. Thanks for taking me to the beach. You’ve got a great eye!

gal  8 years ago


Saneesh  6 years ago

I am seeing beauty in bad… Kudos for your creativity..

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