5 Gig Photography Tips

5 Gig Photography Tips

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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agdm  10 years ago

Great tip on switching to manual focus. Sometimes with all the features that your camera has to offer, you forget that you can just turn some off so you can manage it better.

Terry Day  10 years ago

As always great information. At times we rely too much on automation and forget that we are creating the image, not just leting the camera take a picture..

Hannah  9 years ago

I would like to note that it is extremely rare that anyone is allowed to shoot an SLR at gigs unless they have a press pass or pre-approved permission of some sort. If you have the latter you better make sure the event security are informed as they will not hesitate to take your SLR away! Even when you have permission to shoot a flash is pretty much never allowed! As nice as it would be to use flash for gig photography it won’t happen so get used to working around it if you plan to shoot concerts. Otherwise all great tips!

This blog has one of the best selections of photography topics I have seen. Thank you and I look forward to checking back often.

Hannah  9 years ago

I meant to also say that it is even rarer that you are allowed to shoot images that include the audience when shooting gigs inside of clubs. It is a liability issue and the club will never allow you back in with a camera if you are caught! Taking a few moments to learn the rules of every venue you shoot at is well worth your time.

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