3 Tips Before You Start a Photography Business

3 Tips Before You Start a Photography Business

Written 8 years ago by Lee

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AB  8 years ago

very nice tips… the best thing i think we need to “rise” in photography business is to be patient :)

Laguna Beach Photography  8 years ago

Good tips for beginners. I think at least some photographers suffer from ‘shyness’ which causes them very adversely and losing some really amazing shots. I’ve also suffered such problems when I started as an amateur. I really used to feel very shy to get involved in the situation when there are a lot of spectators, mostly in the local market. When you got to distant places you won’t feel such problems and will slowly build confidence. All the best for all beginners. Good article. Thank you for that.

jareso  8 years ago

Have you ever thought about selling your photos at stock agencies? I am just hobbyist photographer, but I sell my photos at stock agencies. I mention it here because it is really interesting opportunity for anyone who wants to try how is photography business going.
Although I am still just hobbyist I learned (and still learn) a LOT through selling my photos at stock agencies. Especially technical requirements and rules behind photography, photography licenses, legal stuff, (model releases, property releases, etc.) and lot about photography business as such.
Maybe you have been wondering how to start your first photography business. The stock photography and stock agencies maybe the right answer for you…

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