28 Extreme Action Shots

28 Extreme Action Shots

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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evertt de sousa  10 years ago

Very nice, congratulations!

Terry Schmidt  10 years ago

These shots are amazing. Great tips too!

hfng  10 years ago

Very cool.

Dev D  10 years ago

Bau fine.

TalkVietnam  10 years ago

Wow! Amazing and very beautiful

erk  10 years ago

nice photos

Daniel Errante  10 years ago

Love the lighting in the first pic.

Cuetzpallin  10 years ago

Great gallery

Jovas  10 years ago

Thats great!

Deanna  10 years ago

I want to be able to do that~~AWESOME!

dfweyer  10 years ago

Very nice collection of photos here, definitely takes a lot of skill to put together a collection of fine shots like this!

mr frog  10 years ago

nice high speed pic….capture the moving subject like them never move….

Renise  10 years ago

Amazing and I realize it takes a lot of work to get those shots but they were worth it!

Andrew  9 years ago

Sick Pics!!

4 pyae  7 years ago


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