20 Extraordinary Photo Manipulations

20 Extraordinary Photo Manipulations

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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Neal  10 years ago

nice. I like the correlation of reality and the fantastic figure in the last set. It looks seemless.

*the only one that needs work is the b/w photo of the man punching himself in the “face”.

cholo  10 years ago

definitely a skill worth knowing.

Niloy  10 years ago

I do want to learn how to do this. Quite badly.

I recently realized how many of my ideas about photography are really more of photo-manipulation ideas.

Lady Maksima  10 years ago

This is amazing. And what about lessons how to do something like these.

Salvacion  10 years ago

These are amazing. Do you have tutorials on how these were done?

Lee Milthorpe  10 years ago

I’m no photo manipulation expert so I couldn’t write a great tutorial on the genre, but there are a few tutorials out there that could be useful to you.

The best one I’ve come across is this one from Psdtuts:


Jason Collin Photography  10 years ago

In particular I like the road turning into a cape on the boy and the broken ceramic hands manipulations.

Lee, thanks for the link to the tutorial, I’ll give that a try this afternoon.

P.B. Weldy  10 years ago

Great… I’d shared it on my Facebook

mr frog  10 years ago


BlueRose  10 years ago

Im fairly sure I saw a tut on the road dragging on but after searching the net for a while I couldnt find it :(

Irina  8 years ago

Amazing pictures, I wonder how is it done?

Savannah  8 years ago

I would love to learn how to do photo manipulation! sometimes it just adds so much more to the photo and it can also make the photo more entertaining and thought provoking to look at. I’m pretty bad too, but in the future, I would really love to sit down and spend some time learning it.

kainov  7 years ago

Very impressive. I can look at these pictures for a long time.

Jedna Chwila  6 years ago

I like photo manipulation. Thank your for these examples :)

Sophie  6 years ago

I especially like the knife one… I tend to like the creepy photomanipulations like these ones



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