20 Examples of Minimalist Photography

20 Examples of Minimalist Photography

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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Vic  10 years ago

Good tips, great photos. Keep up the good work!

Multimedia Design  10 years ago

Like all great photos, they make me wish I was actually there.

taco cart  10 years ago

I wish life were that ‘simple.’

Azriel Knight  10 years ago

I’ll have to try this sometime, very nice!

Marcelo Campiglia  10 years ago

Great pictures. Congratulations for this great website. Good luck. Thanks :)

Rahul - Web Guru  10 years ago

Just very well thought of and well taken photos. Amazing.

Arapajoe  10 years ago

Amazing! I love this photos :)

New wallpaper on the way :)

Squiders  10 years ago

Wow, absolutely beautiful, thank you for this

Bluetenpollen1  10 years ago

Great Designs. Thank you for sharing. :)

Simon  10 years ago

There are indeed some beautiful photos amongst the 20, but “examples of ‘Minimalist’ Photography”? No. No such thing. There are some well framed shots with simple or single subject matter, but minimal. No…

Robbie Veldwijk  10 years ago

Less is more! Great pictures!

Frank  10 years ago

Love the minimal, one of my favourit photografers is http://www.koba.se . A lot of minimal picture there

Asier RA  10 years ago

wow! it’s an amazing collection.

plrang  10 years ago

Great images set, always like to watch such kind of photography.

bee  10 years ago

Simply love them! Thanks for this inspiration!

KJ  10 years ago

Love the collection!

david  10 years ago

Number 3 of the first set {Bernhard Quade} is strong but the others in that set are just OK.

I like the ship in the second set {David Burdeny}

And although it’s been done a million times, I like the last shot of the Flickr series – the one of the jetty.

With a cloning brush there is no dust on the internet.

david  10 years ago

OK – second comment, and I’d like some feedback if possible.

I’m not crazy about the second photo from the bottom.

It’s the one of the stone jetty called ‘Lough Erne Jetty’.

And I think the reason is that the end stone is lying across the frame, so it is like a stop sign that prevents my eye from feeling comfortable moving further into the frame.

Thoughts ? (Apart from ‘you pretentious idiot’)

syx langemann  10 years ago

another photographer that has similar work that you may want to check out is Marc Koegel.


he and i are both instructors @


Luz Rivera Perez  10 years ago

Beautiful dreams come truth pictures, I wish I will be there!!!

Mark B  10 years ago

A nice selection – I particularly like the Lonely Water series, never come across that guy’s work before. Also ‘The Pool’ (the shot of the jetty/steps rising out of the water) is really atmospheric.

Just recently I posted some minimalist images from Michael Kenna, take a look here:


6ft5  10 years ago

Great set!

Jens  9 years ago

Wow, cool minimalistic photos!

ahfatlim  9 years ago

nice tips…may I link your pic to my blog?
thx bro..

Madhu Parameswaran  9 years ago

Very useful article and beautiful Examples of Minimalism in Photography

Thanks a lot

china57  9 years ago

These are amazing. May I use your prints for a 3 minute presentation on a powerpoint presentation for humanities?

Anita  9 years ago

Great pics

Pedro  9 years ago

Great article! I’ll try this myself tommorow for a minimalism challenge!

milena.  9 years ago

awesome pics.

Gerard Carmona  8 years ago

Whoa, man, this stuff, man. There’s like, nothing there, man.Yet, at the same time, it’s like everything is there. This changed the way I looked at photography, man. Power in a lack of numbers, as it were.

Isang  8 years ago

I’ve been searching for this kind of photos and glad to found it. It’s wonderful! I will now learn to take this kind of photos. Glad you share it with us.

Cha  8 years ago

Loved it! Thanks so much for sharing!

Dennis FA  8 years ago

nice photos, thanks for sharing these. i love the first one

Trypod Kid  8 years ago

Taken up Photography in retirment, looking for positve evalution and insentive, thak you for this site, (top bookmark) – given me the knowledge I need, will recomend to others.

Kubilay  8 years ago

Excellent Photos. Thanks.

Mike DiSantis  8 years ago

also see hiroshi sugimoto. very similar work to “THEATERS” & “SEASCAPES”. GREAT STUFF THANKS!

jong araneta  7 years ago

thanks…simple is beautiful

iyics  7 years ago

Excellent Photos. Thanks.

prakash khatiwala  7 years ago

Less truly is more .

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