15 Mysterious and Surreal Castle Photos

15 Mysterious and Surreal Castle Photos

Written 9 years ago by Lee

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Kris Mitchell  9 years ago

Wow… surreal, I’ve been to Arundel Castle a few times and never manage to catch the weather right. A good reason to go back and keep trying.

Jim Denham  9 years ago

This is a wonderful compilation. I particularly like the castle in the clouds. It’s almost Lord of the Rings – ish. Great!

Lincoln Green  9 years ago

Great collection here. Love the drama and atmosphere

Steve Perks  9 years ago

Wonderful collection!

By the way,
The 13th castle, entitled Coastline Castle by John Parminter is Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven on the North East coast of Scotland.

I live less than half a mile away and have photographed it many times!

Jeffrey Byrnes  9 years ago

Stunning examples of history and castles. I love the contrasts in these images.

Ritchie  9 years ago

Amazing collection. Hoping to have some shots of my own. (sigh)

Viola J.  9 years ago

Absolutely beautiful images, would love the opportunity to go to each castle and experience what is shown in each of these images.

Jamie  9 years ago

That does it. I’m gonna have to go visit some castles!

chetan  9 years ago

very nice photos. means no words to say

tburdphotos  9 years ago

Those are incredible shots, particularly the one of Dunluce Castle. Amazing.

denise  9 years ago

Incredible!.Amazing! Please send if you have some shots from Greece.

decorideas  9 years ago

Surreal … and fascinating!!

Chester Tugwell  9 years ago

Great collection although not too keen on the cartoon like HDR offerings

Christin Gilbert  9 years ago

Woow these are amazing castle images. My favourites are Olsztyn Castle by Lukasz Jakobczyk and the B&W Dunluce Castle at Twilight by Gary McParland. I went to visit Kenilworth Castle and Warwick Castle last year but it was pouring rain for the most part I was there. Definitely one of my goals is to visit these beautiful castles. Thank you for sharing :)

arkin  9 years ago

wow… so great.. cant wait to visit those castles…

Marius  9 years ago

nice collection….thanks!

Ken Tan  6 years ago

Great collection! Castles, landscape, clouds… combine to make amazing photograph!

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