10 Tips to Help You Become a Better Photographer

10 Tips to Help You Become a Better Photographer

Written 10 years ago by Lee

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Neville Lobo  10 years ago

I liked tips number 3 the best. I sometimes find myself sitting blank with no idea about what to shoot. So I’ve decided to do some photojournalism for myself whenever I don’t have time to travel. Its a nice way to keep working on my photography and a way to learn more about the people of my city.

Geo  10 years ago

Great tips, Thank for sharing.

Gavin Will  10 years ago

Learn how your camera works and the theory. No point turning up to an event and not being able to take decent pictures since you cant technically work the camera. Get used to changing the controls in the dark / by touch and quickly. Otherwise you may miss some great pictures

(PS smashandpeas you cant see the fields on the comment form if Javascript is off)

Lee Milthorpe  10 years ago

Hey Gavin, thanks for posting the tip and for pointing out the issues with the contact form. I’ll get to work on that asap!

Neal  10 years ago

my only addition to the list is an amendment to #8 ….
find some way to have your camera on you ALL THE TIME. What i did was buy a camera bookbag that holds my laptop and stuff along with camera and 6 lenses… that way i am never without the camera.
This leads me to always look at things through “a lense” because i always know that the camera is right behind me

Tracy  10 years ago

Great article with very helpful tips. Thanks!

Landscape Photography  10 years ago

I agree that tip no.3 is really important in helping to push yourself beyond what you normally shoot and know you can shoot well.

Thanks for the tips.

m chamalimba  10 years ago

all is good and truly there is a future ahead. thanks 4 the tips .to me all are brilliant and very enlihtening

Verneitta  10 years ago

I really needed what you said. I’m a beginner. and it so totally applies to me.

BlueRose  10 years ago

I am a beginner to DSLR photography and struggling my way through several of the above points, so its nice to feel I have achieved something right LOL!

I would add “keep a record of things that you learn or interesting points to come back to” I find that I can only retain so much and its not til I have an opportunity to put it into practical use that I “really” remember it.

To that end I started my own beginner photography blog, the writing of the articles has been really helpful about making me think about things, and made me a bit braver about experimenting outside my comfort zone.


SSB GERA  10 years ago

All the tips given are worth knowing. A humble request from my side is, please try to give guide lines in the same way in other fields like wild life photography.

Therese  10 years ago

This is a great site and some great tips. I’ve got a small digital camera and have taken photos for years. I really want to buy a new camera but my price range is max 200 euros. Any suggestions from people who know. I’ve taken mostly close ups with this digital as landscape or far away are disastrous. Any ideas appreciated.

mydivabydesign  10 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I take before and after photos of my decorating and home staging projects. I always feel like my pics come out as snapshots instead of professional looking pics. I took photography class for two years, but I still have problems with focus. I don’t need glasses, but most of my pics come out blurry. It’s frustrating!

Tan  9 years ago

Wow, this is really awesome.
Tip No. 10 is something I’m battling with and every now and again I think … “What makes me worthy enough to call myself a photographer?”

Thank you and I’ll be back soon to keep the other 9 tips in my head and on my desktop!

senait  8 years ago

wow the tips are nice. i love number 4 and 9. thank you

Lorne Turner  8 years ago

Thanks so much for these helpful tips. It alwys comes back to basic principles so I appreciate the reminder to keep it real.

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