10 Stunning Photography Locations Downunder

10 Stunning Photography Locations Downunder

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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DT Designs  10 years ago

Australia really does have some good opportunity for photography if you are prepared to travel across the whole country :D

Love this article, great pics too.

Richard  10 years ago

Here’s a list of great Aussie locations plus others from around the world.


Len Metcalf  10 years ago

Great list. If you are visiting the Blue Mountains and would like to go beyon the usual tourist lookouts I offer photographic tours.

See http://lensschool.com for details.



Taras Kiseliuk  10 years ago

Australia is my dream destination, thank you for sharing these amazing pictures with us!

Amit  9 years ago

amazing pics..i too love to travel a lot…i try to capture landscape mostly i search for sign boards more which seems to be vry unique ..loved the blue mountains n sydney pics a lot..thanx for sharing..

Shane  8 years ago

An that’s without mentioning Tasmania where you can shoot everything from wilderness to 200 year old settlements, on a good day you can even shoot the southern aurora.

video to dvd  6 years ago

Proud of being Australian. People are having dream to visit the country atleast once in their lifetime. This is not just another country. This is Australia. We love it. :)

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