10 Landscape Photography Tips

10 Landscape Photography Tips

Written 10 years ago by Mark Evans

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10 Landscape Photography Tips
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By Mark Evans
March 23, 2009
Light Stalking  10 years ago

Nice list. I would probably put the rule of thirds closer to the top for landscapes.

Barry  10 years ago

Good set of tips! It’s worth mentioning that some tripods now come with spirit levels so this saves the need to carry round a separate one. Also a torch comes in very handy for those night shots!

JotPix  10 years ago

Good list!

Another tip that I usually use is “add water”.

Include some water in the Landscape photo whenever possible.

Candy Camarena-Dexter  10 years ago

I am just learning and can use all the tips i can get. These are great, thank you for sharing your experience.

Terry Day  10 years ago

Nice article..Landscapes are also a favorite of mine.

Masden  10 years ago

Hey guys you forgot, “use GND filters !!” very very important<.

christina  10 years ago

I’m an ‘auto’ photographer. I havent learned how to use fstops and all that. I need to. I have a nikon d90.

SSB GERA  10 years ago

Though almost all the tips you have mentioned are known to me, the 10th one is worth reading.

Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead  9 years ago

I try taking shots – particularly landscapes under good gorgeous lighting conditions – which not require photoshopping. Could somebody comment on that, please?

fragranceum  9 years ago

wonderful photos. but how to download my photos into this section?. Please guide me

mac antonio  9 years ago

cool!!! very informative!


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